Benefits of Glutathione for Skin

The master anti-oxidant, ‘Glutathione’, is a tripeptide naturally found in human cells. The list of benefits of Glutathione for skin is an endless one. From fighting free radicals that cause dark spots, blemishes and pigmentation to protecting the body from diseases and toxins, Glutathione does it all. The tripeptide, Glutathione, consists of 3 proteins; glycine, cysteine and glutamic acid. Glutathione exists in 2 forms; GSH or Reduced Glutathione and GSSH or Oxidized Glutathione. GSH is the active form whereas GSSH is the inactive form which easily transforms into GSH, when needed.

Glutathione is an essential protein that the body requires for its proper functioning. It not only rejuvenates the skin but also detoxifies the body while showering it constant energy. Glutathione improves brain health and decreases the process of neurodegeneration. Risks of heart attacks has found to decrease with the long term use of Glutathione. 

Effective in Skin Lightening

Many people prefer a lighter skin tone to a darker one. Even though there are many products in the market that guarantee a fairer skin, it is best to go all natural. Glutathione helps lighten the skin tone by converting melanin, source of natural pigment in the human body and protects it from the sun, to a lighter color. Moreover, it deactivates tyrosinase, which helps produce the pigment. Glutathione works by activating the body’s enzymes responsible for removing toxins. The removal of toxins automatically results in a healthier and glowing skin. 

Glutathione is a safe alternative to bleaching creams that cause mercury poisoning and chemical burns. It is not only popular in Asian countries where a fair skin is a guarantee to a better life but also in the Europe and America where skin-pigmentation is popular. Glutathione helps in an even skin tone by treating the discoloration which occurs due to a difference in melanin levels. It also helps in treating the skin burns caused by excessive bleaching. 

The regular use of Glutathione effectively decreases the amount of melanin by inhibiting tyrosinase resulting in a fairer skin. However, the effect on the production of pigments is a transient one i.e., you need to keep using Glutathione for a lighter skin.

Amazing anti-aging properties

Glutathione works on the skin in a number of ways. Its effects go beyond its skin whitening properties. The regular intake of Glutathione decreases wrinkles and increases the elasticity of skin. A recent study revealed that long-term use of Glutathione rejuvenated the skin cells by decreasing fine lines, dark spots which are all aging characteristics. Its ability to tighten the loose skin makes people look younger by decades. 

Glutathione is available in pills, creams, moisturizing lotions, facewashes and intravenous injections. It is also available in powdered form but the chances of powdered glutathione getting absorbed into the main bloodstream are slim. 

Glutathione face washes

Glutathione facewashes are a rather safe and inexpensive option for better results in lesser time. GA number of facewashes contain a combination of Vitamin C with Glutathione to control melanin by moving it from the basal layer to the surface. 

Glutathione facewashes are known to repair and regenerate skin cells while lightening hyper pigmentation to give a fairer and younger looking skin. These facewashes balance the skin’s natural oils thus giving you an exceptionally even toned and smooth skin. 

Glutathione Rich Diet

Glutathione not only works wonders for the skin but also plays a vital role in regulating the other organ systems. A glutathione rich diet can help decrease the risk of heart and brain diseases. Apart from that it regulates your metabolism and strengthens the immune system. 

Spinach, mushrooms, onions, shallots, cabbage, radishes, tomatoes, beef, peas, seafood, eggs and whole grains help in the production of glutathione. Incorporating these items in your diet will give you a naturally balanced glutathione ratio. 

Side-Effects of glutathione

Glutathione is a naturally occurring anti-oxidant which regulates the amount of free radicals and deactivates reactive oxidants. It is vital for the body’s proper functioning and it comes with almost zero side-effects. 

Unregulated use of glutathione supplements may cause bloating, loose stool gas, abdominal cramps and possible allergic reactions. However, these side-effects are rarely experienced by any consumer. 


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